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Monday, April 26, 2010

Is Facebook acting Up? or Is the Like Button so powerful?

Few day ago, suddenly I started getting news feed from for which I never subscribed. How the hell am I getting these news? Never mind... the postings are funny and interesting.

Yesterday I started getting new feeds from "Thank you Pakistan for taking Sania Mirza, Now Please take Rakhi Sawant also :)". All I did was just clicking Like button on one of my friends status. Is this link button so powerful that we automatically get subscribed to these community pages?

2 days ago, when I opened my Facebook account, a message popped up saying that all the schools in my profile info will be shown as a link. This looked interesting as it is easier to know more about a friend in Facebook. At the same time, I saw some new notifications icon flashing. This is where I was surprised! a message which I had already deleted was back to my inbox. How is that possible? How am I getting news feeds which I didn't subscribe? How is the message appearing back that I deleted? Is this related to some new changes that they are pushing it to Facebook? I don't know! Is Facebook acting up? I am confused! if you know the answer please let me know.

I realized one thing, we are so addicted to these social network sites and share our personal information which might affect our privacy. May be we are not worried about it now, but we might be the victim in future. So be wise, know your privacy, be aware of what you are doing and what are the consequences.

What ever it is! I love these social networking sites... its lot of fun and informative as well. It is just how you use it. :D


  1. Ha ha... At last I was able to find the scenario which is acting up!!! when ever I open a community page, the notifications act up... It might be a cache prob or may be something is not taken care when deleting a message!!!

  2. :) I am restricting myself from joining twitter and FB. I dont want to be addicted to it.

    But surely reading all these about FB, the temptation increases.

  3. :) Spending few moments on these things worth it!!! but should not get addicted though... Try pannunga... helps you in many ways... you can get up to date info about your friends and also news related to your community gets filtered in seconds...
    If you are worried about your privacy, you dont have to share but at least you can keep a watch on your friends and family as well at sometimes when you are away from home like me!! ;)