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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Thinking in Native Language | சொந்த மொழியில் சிந்தனை

It was a wonderful Easter I ever had. My dear friend Anvesh invited me to his house for lunch and promised me Hyderabadi Biriyani. After going to his home I realized that I was the one who had to cook Biriyani! (just kidding, but I helped him in cooking).

Any way it was a warm welcome with parota and mutton gravy as a welcome snack ;) and he started cooking Biriyani. Later his neighbour uncle made an entry with his sister friend :) Uncle is a Pastor, he greeted me and continued his work. Mean while, Anvesh opened his laptop. Laptop while cooking! what would I expect? A good music to enjoy while cooking! yes, he opened you tube and started playing a video (I was expecting his favorite Vadivelu comedy) . Ooppsssss video from,(பயபுள்ள இப்போ தான் பிரியாணி செய்ய கத்துகுறான்) he started playing the recipe video. OMG $^%&*^($^*%^*& I yelled at him. Last time when he brought Biriyani to my house, he told that he cooked it. Now came out the truth, it was his cousin who made awesome Biriyani and this idiot took the credit. Eventually I had to jump in and help him and finally it was nice spicy Hyderabadi Biriyani!

After all Biriyani is ready (WE COOKED it Lol...)and we need someone to try it, yes! neighbour uncle :) We invited neighbour uncle who should be in his 60's and his friend who should also be in her 60's too. All we did was to invite them, they ate to fill their stomach and heart, nice to know that someone liked Biriyani that we made :) but later came the thunder! Uncle started his preachings and surprisingly Aunt was talking more than Uncle. She is Singapore Tamil settled in London and when she came to know that I was from Chennai, she started talking a lot starting from when she came here.... blah blah blah.... Finally with my actions and gestures, I was able to convey that I had to leave and escaped from that place.

Now why I wanted to blog this stupid story? One reason is to thank Anvesh for the beautiful lunch. Secondly, lady's blah blah blah... she said that she had met many people who come for preaching and is comfortable reading Bible in English despite the fact that their mother tongue is Tamil.

We had this small conversation... (Ooops even I am not comfortable in reading Tamil, I have to cover up!!!) (Englishல மட்டும் superஅ என்ன!!)
me: started off with usual reasons, we studied in English medium and Tamil was just one subject.
Uncle: padded me saying that he finished his Masters in English Literature and so blah blah blah...
me: Tamil is confined to tamilnadu... we wanted to learn more, Internet blah blah....
lady: Why do you say that I have seen many people using Tamil in computers!
me: (Just to cover up) doing Masters in Computers and we can't do much in native language so we have choose some language which is globally accepted (English may not be globally accepted but enna panradhu??? cover up cover up...)

Somehow covered up and escaped from the place.

Looking back at this I realised that I don't really know any of the languages properly (எதுவும் உருப்படிய தெரியாது) and also had these questions in mind.

1) What is the scope of our native languages like Tamil / Telugu?
could be in their own states! but what about people who stay away from home? who migrated to other countries?

2) How many people are learning native languages?

3) What can we do to protect it from extinction? (may be this is too strong, but at least it is deteriorating)
Forcing people to study in native language?
benefits for learning native language?
educating people that education in native language is good? may be not! would I have reached this stage if I had my education in native language? may be yes! or may be no! I don't know.

4) What can we do to make people to stick to local language?
Making everything available in local languages? is it possible? is Wikipedia available in all native languages? can we write codes in native languages? can we write chemical formula in native languages?
Blog in Tamil? (something that I could have done now... but why I didn't do? I am not comfortable in writing in tamil, not all my friends know tamil, whom I might be expecting to read this blog!!! (தமிழும் ஒழுங்கா எழுத வராது! என் நண்பர்கள் எலாற்கும் தமிழ் தெரியாது)
Guys try using this "type in tamil" tool its really cool :D
If this can be translated in any language I wouldn't mind blogging in tamil!

5) Do we need to stick to local language?
Its up to you...

This is just a thought I had in my mind today. If you want to discuss you are always welcome. Comment below and we shall have interesting discussion and also we can see that if we can do something good.

Thank you reading this Mokka Blog :D


  1. Onnum mattum therinjuthu , ithula irunthu , yennana - biriyani senju sapteenga...

    Appuram onnume puriyala - Sorry Naren

  2. மொக்க blogகு மொக்க குடுதுடீங்க :) no prob