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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Stop Forwarding - Start Sharing

Email era for forwards has changed now.

I used to get many forwarded emails and if I find it interesting I would forward those emails to my friends. I always have this habit of spending a little extra time to organize so that it will help me to save some time. In past I used to build email forward list to share emails that I receive. Later at some point I started creating groups which seemed lot more easier to share relevant information with my friends.

Recently, I started sharing links instead of forwarding them. This seems to be very convenient for me, but I still see that many of my friends forward emails to share information, hence I thought, I should write this blog to spread this information for my friends to stop forwarding emails and start sharing links.

Now a days it cost zero for us to host files in Internet, the only thing is to get started. I use the following services which is free and you guys also can use it wisely.

To create websites / web pages -,
To save and share documents online - googledocs, adrive
Social Networks - Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Digg
Professional Network - LinkedIn
To upload video - Youtube
Live Videos - Ustream
eBooks - Gigapedia

You may think "Why should I do this?"
I had many times hesitated to share some information as it is going to cost me some time to upload or download files and share information. Now you can easily share information on the go using simple share tools.

You would have noticed in almost all site nowadays the share link to many sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can use any of these share, for my convenience I have installed Google toolbar which allows me to share information by simply clicking on the share button.

This will neither flood your inbox nor eat up your time. Also if you receive an email and if you feel it is worth to share, please take few minutes to upload it in Internet and share the link so that it will reach more people than the email network.

These are just my thoughts!!! it's up to you if you want to spend little extra time or not.

I have shared some of the common website which I find useful. If you have found any websites very useful, please share it with me.

Thanks in advance.

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